We have specializes in frozen seafood manufacturing and processing for more than 43 years, with Japan as our key destination. We offer a wide variety of seafood processing, including fish, squid, shrimp, and etc. Complementing seafood products, which are our key product line, we have a bread manufacturing facility and supply other types of frozen food.
Our factories are internationally standardized and certified with GMP and HCCP. We deploy a 1,000-strong workforce and have machines, warehouses and cold rooms ready for frozen food production. Each year, the production capacity of individual product lines is at least 1,000 tons, and the maximum capacity of each product line is 3,000 tons on an annual basis. Our core product lines include fish, squid, bread and instant frozen food, as well as ready-to-eat food.


The company was founded in 1972, initially focusing on fish processing. Our first customers were multinational companies in Japan. The founding collaboration between Japanese and Thai partners has enabled us to offer superior production standards and maintain healthy relationships with our customers for a long time. We have continuously extended our product lines ever since, based on the founders’ vision: “Get it right, on time, keep developing with highest food safety and standard quality.” We are committed to the vision and offer exceptional quality products, as Japanese markets want and expect only products of high quality.
We aim to be internationally renowned among OEMs that produce and process frozen seafood and read-to-eat food of superior quality.


Why us? Our production facility is located in Thailand, which is one of the world’s top seafood exporters and is recognized as the ‘World’s Kitchen.’ Our advantageous transport and production costs, as well as internationally recognized quality, ensure business advantages for our customers.
With more than 43 years’ experience, our team has the right know-how and techniques to run our unique production. The quality of food is our priority, and the cleanliness and hygienic quality meets Japan’s standards and is qualified to be exported there. In terms of manufacturing, we strive for continuous improvement in all areas, including the manufacturing process, minimizing loss during production, promotion of organizational environment, cost-effectiveness, effective consumption of resources and the improvement of human resources.