1. Cuttlefish Skinless: Removal of the thin cuttlefish skin using specialised equipment and skill sets to ensure no marks or damages on the flesh.
  2. Cuttlefish Slicing: Slicing cuttlefish using the traditional Japanese slicer and slicing tools in order to achieve preferred weight and size specifications.
  3. Tentacle Cutting: The Japanese style of cutting octopus and cuttlefish tentacles, which minimizes wounds and product wasting, allows you to cook the octopus on a stick or make takoyaki.
  4. Fillet Cutting: Unique cutting performed by experts using specialized sharp knives and strictly following the right procedure in order to maintain the freshness of the fish.
  5. Pin Bone Removal: Pin bone removal performed by experts using specialized equipment keeps the fillet intact and leaves no marks on the flesh. The procedure ensures consumers of sanitary and safe food.
  6. Breading: Applying breadcrumbs to the raw material. Our crumbs are made from fresh bread and cooked with our unique special recipe, resulting in a softer consistency than that made from dry breadcrumbs.
  7. Ready to eat: Pre-cooked and seasoned food that requires only microwave heating before consumption.
  8. Ready to cook: Pre-processed and seasoned food that only requires grilling, boiling or frying before consumption. This is an ideal option for restaurants that are run in branches and seek the standard tastes.
  9. Other special dishes.